Monday, October 6, 2014

Magento SEO extensions and split navigation

Handling issues with layered navigation SEO will typically require a file format. In case you don’t wish to use any combined attributes in ones layered navigation for as long tail keyword obtaining pages, you don’t need an extension, you just ought to add meta noindex, follow to the URLs in layered navigation or not allow search engines to get at those layered URLs whatsoever.

This extension is component of larger set of Amasty’s Improved Layered Navigation extensions. By splitting that into separate expansion, it reduces the quantity of configuration options as well as allows magento UK set-up. It gives anyone unlimited powers pertaining to manually setting page titles, meta tags, and even titles and content (CMS blocks) for each combination of navigation’s attributes individually.

I didn’t test them at all or didn’t have enough experience with these. They don’t help both Magento Neighborhood Edition and Enterprise Edition. If you come with an extension that fulfills each of the requirements in the above list, please don’t wait to leave a new comment.

This extension works with both neighborhood and enterprise release. It will provide you with impresive control above URL rewrites within layered navigation, page titles with layered navigation along with meta noindex choices for combinations you don’t need in index. It’s extremely powerful extension but with numerous configuration options it’s simple to miss-configure it.

If you opt for this extension, it’s crucial to line aside time and effort and really explore the many options it gives you and think strategically about the best ways you can utilize it with your specific niche. Pro tip: Try not to set too many things in titles on pages, especially in prefixes.

That being stated, if you should rank for extended tail combinations involving some category name and some attribute names, you’ll need some sort of magento expert extension of which handles layered course-plotting URL rewrites, enables you to put different titles, and in some cases enables you to choose meta noindex, follow for many combinations.

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